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How to add an avatar to your account
« on: February 17, 2014, 12:48:32 PM »

If you would like to add an avatar to your account, hover your mouse cursor over the "Profile" button on the main navigation menu bar, and click on "Forum Profile" from the dropdown menu. You will go to the page where you can edit your profile.

The first item you can change is "Personalized Picture." It defaults to "No avatar."

You can click the "Choose avatar from gallery" radio button, which will open our local gallery. There are many contained therein, and they are sorted by category. As you click on the name of each avatar, you will see it displayed. When you have selected the one you want, leave it displaying,  scroll down, and click on the "Change Profile" button.

If you desire a personal avatar that is not in our gallery, you my upload it. Maximum size is 100 x 100 pixels. Click the "Upload an avatar" radio button, and a file navigation box will open, allowing you to navigate to the avatar file on your local computer and upload it to our server. When the transfer is complete, scroll down and click the "Change Profile" button.

Your avatar will now appear to the left of all notes you post, or have posted in the past. If you change your avatar, your new avatar will replace your old one globally on the forum, and will be used until you change it again.

You may also update any of the other attributes of your personal profile while on that page. Just be sure to click the "Change Profile" button to save any changes you have made.