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Bad snow storm
« on: February 12, 2014, 11:30:49 AM »

This looks like it's going to be a bad storm; at least for the south. Being a native of New Jersey, 3 feet of snow was "gettin' on up there."  There were lots of shopping centers that used to ice up, and we learned a lot about how to recover from a skid in those parking lots. We'd get up a little speed, and put ourselves into a skid, and try to recover. It was fun, and to this day I credit what I learned in those parking lots with saving me from a bad accident.  One time, I was travelling a just teeny bit (  :o ) too fast, lost traction, and found myself out of control, in a skid.

I just don't understand the mentality of some of these clowns (I try to avoid) driving on icy roads today. They seem to think that because they are driving a 4-wheel drive, they can drive as if they were on dry pavement. It doesn't matter if you have EIGHT-wheel drive, if you're on ice, you don't have the traction to stop.  As one local radio announcer here used to say, "If you have to drive on the roads today, just pretend like you have a little common sense." 

My best advise is to stay home if you can. But if you must drive in this weather, the number one thing to remember is, "Slow and easy." Don't make any sudden moves. Accelerate slowly, and allow lots of following distance so you can brake very gently and easy. Try your best to not to loose traction with your tires. If your wheels are locked because you have your foot on the brake, you have zero steering control.

Be careful, be safe.

Oh yeah, why is it that whenever there's a bad snow or ice storm, you never see or hear from Al Gore?

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