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Welcome to our forums!
« on: February 05, 2014, 10:27:34 AM »
I want to thank you for visiting and/or joining our forums.

Our goal here is to learn about our Constitution, and what it means. All power and authority granted to the Federal Government by the Constitution is by consent of "We The People." We are not under control of the Federal Government, the Federal Government answers to "We The People."

These forums were created to be a friendly place for all to come together to discuss and learn our Constitution, and from each other. As we learn, we can then hold our elected representatives accountable to us and to our Constitution.

All the activity and discussion will take place here in the forums. We also have a separate, "library" website which contains some of our founding documents. If you wish to peruse the "library," you can click here, at the very bottom of every page, on the "Link to our Library," or at the very top left corner of each page, on the "" link.

As you read the Constitution in our library, you will find many reference links to either amendments, or arguments in either the Federalist or Anti-Federalist Papers. In order to understand our Constitution, and what it means, it helps to determine the intent of our Founding Fathers. We have included the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers to help in that endeavor.  How better to understand their intent than to read their own arguments for and against it? This linking process is still a work in progress, and far from complete.

I hope you enjoy all that is here, and will participate in lively discussion. Remember, if there is no discussion, there won't be much of a forum.