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Why real names?
« on: February 05, 2014, 09:48:27 AM »
Why do we want you to use your real name?  Simply, because when people hide behind an alias, on line, they are much more likely to say things they normally wouldn't in a face to face conversation, or if it was known who they were.

We used to run a computer bulletin board way back when the internet only needed 2 w's instead of 3.   ;D    It didn't start out to be, but it evolved into a political discussion forum. We all used our real names, and there was a good distribution of users with various points of view. In spite of our political differences, we all became friends, and had many lively and spirited discussions. We were receiving up to 200 posts a day! I would like to see an activity level of that caliber here, and it's much more likely if we all know who we're talking with, rather than someone hiding behind an alias.

Let's all make this a fun place to come together, and learn from each other.