Author Topic: Can a private citizen make demands on the FBI?  (Read 3839 times)

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Can a private citizen make demands on the FBI?
« on: October 30, 2016, 10:34:00 AM »
10 days before election day, the FBI announced that they are reopening the investigation concerning the democratic party nominee, Hillary Clinton.

At this point both party candidates are PRIVATE CITIZENS. Neither holds any current government position. How then, does the democratic party nominee DEMAND that the FBI release everything they have in this investigation? Since when does a PRIVATE CITIZEN demand anything from the FBI? Talk about "unprecedented!"

They want "full disclosure and transparency," they say.  If they want full disclosure and transparency, how about disclosing the real content of the conversation between the democratic party candidate's husband and the Attorney General's private meeting on her airplane on the tarmac? Do they actually expect the American people to really believe that they only talked about their "grandchildren?"  Is there anyone who actually believes that? How stupid do they actually believe we, the American people are?

Not having access to what the FBI now has, is it reasonable to assume that the very fact that they re-opened the investigation 10 days before election day suggests that they might have some very important information?

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If Hillary was the answer, then it must have been a really stupid question!