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Welcome to Hendersonville Heritage Center!
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:41:33 PM »
Welcome to the new, Hendersonville Heritage Center!

Henry & Doris Leissing, of Flat Rock NC have recently opened the Hendersonville Heritage Center, at:
Village Square
1507-D Haywood Road,
Hendersonville, NC  28791

We gratefully honor those whose wisdom and sacrifice formed the bedrock of our national and personal freedoms. Opportunities through our center will creatively engage participants in conserving, promoting, and transferring understanding of their heritage for present and future generations.

Henry Leissing - M. Divinity, Kenrick Seminary; Juris Doctorate, Oak Brook College of Law. Author of We The People; Defining our Constitutional Voice. Founder/CEO - Leissing Legacy, LLC. (Henry -

Doris Reece Leissing - BSN, Berea College; MSN Duke University; Reliv International, Hall of Fame. DSWA Certified Coach. Founder/CEO LIFE Unlimited, LLC  (Doris - - {828} 606-8982)

Information concerning upcoming classes, fees, schedules, etc. will be announced here with plenty of time for registration.
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