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NC House Bill 2
« on: May 07, 2016, 04:50:42 PM »
We've heard all the controversy over HB2, or more commonly known as the "Bathroom Bill."  Is it really that discriminatory and wrong? Has anyone read the actual text of it so you can decide for yourself, or are you simply relying just on the media hype that you hear about it?

Well, how about you actually read it, and then we'll talk. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Ok, now we can have an intelligent, informed discussion...

Can anyone please point out to me the page, and line number where it says that a private company or small public business can not provide whatever arrangements they so desire to accommodate the .03% of the American population when it comes to bathroom facilities?  Please show me where this bill (now signed into law) violates the right of a private business to set up and cater to any segment of their clientele as they may choose, pertaining to their bathroom facilities. That is precisely what the city of Charlotte wanted to do. They wanted to set themselves up as the "Bathroom Police" for everyone. Not so in this law.

This law pertains to bathroom, changing room, dressing room, and shower rooms etc. controlled by state owned or operated facilities. This law simply says that in all state controlled facilities, the only persons allowed to use a gender-specific bathroom are persons who are designated that specific gender on their birth certificate. If you have an issue with that, fine. That's a separate topic for discussion.

The Main Stream Media is barking up the wrong tree when they make a lot of noise about cancelling businesses in North Carolina because of this law. The law does not dictate how private businesses must set up their bathrooms. Singers and bands who cancel their concerts because of it are either mis or un-informed because they would be performing in privately owned stadiums and concert halls, and this law does not apply in those privately owned facilities. They are still allowed to set up their bathrooms any way they desired.

Target stores, for one, have set up their bathrooms so anyone can go into whatever bathroom they choose, for whatever reason. They are a private company and are free to do so. I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't think very many folks would think its a good idea to let a 250lb man follow a small girl into the ladies room, just because he felt like using the ladies room. And that is what this law is about. If a private corporation or business wants to take that chance and gamble with a little girl's safety, then, if anything happens, they will be held liable. The state, with this law is simply saying, "Not in OUR rest rooms!"

I'll bet the American shopper, will speak loud and clear with their dollars. Let's watch those corporations & private businesses who allow any and everyone to use whatever bathroom they choose, and see how well or poorly they do financially.

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