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Board level notifications: Should I care about them?
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:43:51 PM »
Notifications are emails which will alert you about something that has happened here at our forums. Should you care? Possibly. If you started a new topic, or you replied to one, and someone else replies to your post, without notifications, you would never know unless you came back and just happened to stumble on the new reply(s).

When you registered at our forums, we had to approve your account. At that time, we turned notifications on for whenever you start a new topic, or reply to one. If you do either, you will be notified by email whenever anyone else adds another reply to that topic.  For most folks, that is all they desire, so you don't have to do anything else.

There may be times when you are interested in anything that happens on a particular board. If anyone starts a new topic, you want to be notified. Since you didn't start it, and didn't reply to it, how can you receive notifications about that new topic? Simple: you turn on notifications at the BOARD level.

Begin by clicking on the "Home" button (that would be the first one on the left) of the main navigation menu at the top of any page, right under your name. That will take you to the "Home" page.

The “Home” page is a list of “Categories” and “Boards.” “Categories” are groups of boards. “The Welcome Center”, “Sentinel Patriot Club Lounge”, “Discussion Hall”, “2nd Amendment” etc. are all “Categories” that contain “Boards” of discussions in topics relating to the name of the Category. (Hopefully)

This is a list of categories that contain boards of topics related to the name of the category.
There’s a lot happening in this screen shot, and I will be using it in future help files.

For now, I want to concentrate on notifications. From the HOME page, you see a list of all the “boards” on the forum.  Let’s concentrate on the “Announcements” board for right now.  By clicking on the word, “Announcements,” you will enter that board, and you will be able to see all of the different topics, or conversations there. 


Notice that I have circled the word “Announcements?” That whole line is a “road map” of sorts, that at a glance, lets you know where you are, and how you got there. I have circled “Announcements” because that’s where you are. If you go back one link from there, you came through “The Welcome Center” which is the first “Category” that contains “boards.” If you go back from there, you wind up back at the home page.

Ok, we’re here because of “Notifications.” Look at the top row of buttons above the list of “Topics.” There is “NEW TOPIC”, “NEW POLL”, “NOTIFY” and “MARK READ”. Click on “NOTIFY” and confirm “Yes.”   Notice that the “NOTIFY” button changes to “UNNOTIFY.”

Congratulations!!! You just turned notifications on for the entire board of “Announcements.” (Toldya it was easy, didn’t I?)  Now, any new announcement, or reply to a note in “Announcements” will generate an email to let you know about it. If several new posts are made, you will only receive an email about the first. You can also turn them off just as easily. Just click on “UNNOTIFY” and confirm. Poof! They’re gone! You must turn them on for each board for which you wish to receive notifications. You may indulge yourself with as many or as few boards as you may so desire.

Now you know all there is to know about notifications. 

Go forth, be fruitful and converse!